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Even though this background changer app for iPhone doesn't provide many options, each feature it offers is powerful enough to allow you to remove any part your photo.

Changing your wallpaper on a Samsung device

For example, the Target Auto Area Remove tool erases the parts of a picture that have a similar color, which makes this app extremely fast and efficient if you are trying to remove a monochrome background. The app lets you add a new background photo to the image on which you removed the background and you can also select the size of the output picture.

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Pic Editor provides advanced background removal tools that allow a great level of precision, while options such as Target Area or Target Color can be used to speed up the background removal process. Despite the fact that this background photo remover app doesn't offer much photo editing options, it is still capable of efficiently removing the background of any photo.

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Over one hundred background templates and powerful Cut, Copy and Erase tools which are unbelievably easy to use make this photo background changer app one of the best of its kind. The app provides more than 25 different blending modes which guarantee that each photo you create will look like an artwork. The huge selection of stickers and more than 70 different font styles can be used to create entertaining images your friends on social media are going to love.

This photo background remover app allows you to have fun with your photos because it provides powerful tools that even a child can use. The app lets you zoom in to the pixel level, which allows you to have more precision while you are removing the background of the photo. The Magic Wand tool removes the same color areas of a photo automatically, and the app offers a wide range of brushes that goes from very soft to hard.

HD Pastel Wallpapers

This app does exactly what its name suggests, it enables its users to precisely cut any part of a photo and paste it into a new background. The photo background remover app lets you erase the background of an image and it provides over a hundred HD background templates. Users of this iOS app can also add multiple foregrounds to a photo, while 25 blend options guarantee that the final picture is going to look realistic.


Stickers, filter or text options are also available to all users who want to create images for social media. One of the primary reasons folks search for background images is to set them as wallpapers on their computers and phones.

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As a personal favorite, I'm using the Gradient Topography background in Black and Dark Grey—it sits stealthily on the homescreen of my iPhone. As a quick sample of a few options availabe on Cool Backgrounds, the following list of images are ready to use for any application. To download, right click and select "Save Image As While Cool Backgrounds is a fine resource for generating images from popular javascript libraries, the real heavy lifting comes from the library authors themselves.

Change photos to solid colors (iOS) - Canva Help Center

When it comes to customer support, Quinn Rohlf from Trianglify. Gradient Topography is a newly minted project by me as a response to the amazing work by the Codrops crew. And of course Unsplash is one of the best internet treasures of all time, built by the former Crew team as a side project. We're a group of makers with a mission to build a better internet, one digital project at a time.

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  5. Recently launched tools include a gorgeous Day of the Dead resource site and a seamless way to count words with Word Counter. Cool Backgrounds. Trianglify Colorful abstract triangles. Particles Precise technical lines. CSS Gradient Happy fresh color blends.

    see url Gradient Topography Smooth layered shapes. Unsplash Immersive compelling images. About this tool Cool Backgrounds After laboring over your latest piece of writing, one of the hardest steps before hitting publish is finding an exciting background image to really showcase and draw attention to your post. It makes me feel like a super growth expert!