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Submit the completed state request, payment if applicable , and New Hampshire Household and Personnel Form to:. Please call with questions to ensure forms are completed properly and results are more timely.

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Please have individuals type in their information and print the form to ensure timely and accurate results. IF they have there is no need to resubmit the out of state forms. Complete the state form, sign and submit with a legible and current copy of one of the following photo identifications:.

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For all individuals requiring a background check who have lived in other states during any part of the last five years there must be an abuse and neglect registry check completed in each of those states. Please review the instructions on the chart and print and complete the form required by each state and return it to the Child Care Licensing Unit unless otherwise indicated. These results are sent directly to OSSE. Background checks begin with a fingerprinting appointment.

Licensing - Early Childhood Program

To make an appointment, use one of these guides:. If the background check shows no criminal history: OSSE notifies the applicant that they have cleared the background check.

Resource Family Approval: Criminal Record Background Check (BAG)

This is called a criminal record clearance. The clearance is active for three years. If the background check shows a criminal history: DCHR staff reviews the background check and decides whether the applicant may work in an early learning program.

Background Check in Wyoming

They may contact the applicant for additional information in order to make this decision. If the application is denied, the applicant will receive information on how to request a waiver or an appeal. Take Survey. Homepage Logo Link Header. More results Generic filters Hidden label. Hidden label. Inspection Reports Find out what programs in your area are in compliance with licensing regulations Website.

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  6. Criminal Background Checks Understanding criminal background checks requirements in your area Website. Child Support Enforcement Child support application and procedures for your state Phone: Website. Medicaid Eligibility Federal-State health insurance program for low-income individuals Phone: 1 Website.

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    Phone: 1 Website. Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Services State government mental health resources that may offer community mental health services may include individual, family, and marital counseling , behavioral health services, and substance abuse programs Phone: 1 or Website. Low Income Energy Assistance Program Helps low income households in meeting their immediate home energy needs Phone: 1 Website. Learn about valuable resources for parents of children with special needs.

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